088 I have a greenhouse now

088 I have a greenhouse now

With my husband back at work, I set out to finish the greenhouse alone. I had to get it done before the wind got too strong–and didn’t like the time pressure at all. The next day, with more time pressure, I put up the rain collection system.

We couldn’t quite finish the greenhouse as planned. So, my husband went back to work, and I finished the build alone.

It had been a stormy night but the greenhouse stood strong. Apparently, it looked pretty bad. Two neighbors considered calling me. Neither did. Luckily, it was all good.

I needed to get this thing closed and fixed before the winds got worse. I didn’t like the time pressure. The wind kept catching in the panels, and I was reminded of the time crunch to finish the roof last fall. At least then I knew the whole house wouldn’t fly away if caught by the wind.

Pepper found a spot a bit out of the wind and enjoyed the sunshine.

But one after the other, the roof panels went in, and the structure felt more resilient.

And I kind of have a greenhouse! It is the cheapest kind of plastic. It is loud in the wind. But I think it is going to work and hold up. So, I am going to finish this thing–hopefully before it falls apart–and then we’ll see how well it works.

With every screw I tightened, the greenhouse felt less flimsy. But I was scared by how easily I could move it.

The door and window were hardest to build because the manual was especially bad for those. Even after finishing the build, I still don’t know what the sketches are supposed to show.

This, by the way, is not the right way. I had to take one part off and turn it the next day. A neighbor used to build these things in his job. He helped me put in the window. Probably a good thing.

I am proud to report, however, that I did finish the door by myself–and I only had to take it apart a few times.

The manual certainly didn’t instruct me. Common sense, trial and error are what got this built. As I was building this, I dreamed about the greenhouse I’d build if I was staying here for longer.

I am in my greenhouse, and the only thing missing is a window.

I tightened all the bolts and nuts before going home that day. I was exhausted. No way would I get that window in before I went home. Later that day, I quickly walked Pepper, but otherwise called it a day.

I knew I only had hours until I’d be in pain. I would be getting my period that day, and knew I didn’t have long before I’d need to rest.

My neighbor had helped me put in the window and secure the greenhouse that morning. Later, I returned for a last-minute task–and found chickens in my garden.

It is starting to rain, so, yes, there are chickens in my garden. But, I need to get my rain collection system up and urgently. So, let’s get to that.

I had already gone home for the day but the storm was promising rain, so I decided to return. The greenhouse came with a simple rain collection system. We happened to have the perfect hose at home. It was a leftover piece from the aquariums. Somehow, it fit perfectly. It was even enough for both barrels.

Very carefully, I cut the hose into two halves. I am paranoid about these blades, so it takes a bit longer than it needs to.

Okay, first side is up, second side is coming now. The first raindrops were falling as I was finishing up the second side. Around me, those with animals arrived to close up–or sent the kids instead.

The rain is here, and the rain water collection is up. I mean, I still have to do the main garden house but this project: finished, just before the rain.

The fence is clearly not chicken-proof. Luckily, mine will be. But until I’d start planting, these could stay here. Animals make me happy.

The barrels will get lids, otherwise this is done.

On my balcony, the blackberries were slowly recovering from their travels and enjoying the water the rain brought. And the chives were blooming. Yay! The volunteer green is happy. (Yes, I am totally getting wet for these.)

The dandelion buds I’d collected in the garden were dry, so I plucked them for tea. I got a jar each with dried purple dead nettle and dandelion buds.

So long, and thanks for being here.

And now, there’s hail…