052 Preparing for a lot of mess

052 Preparing for a lot of mess

I’m about to make a big mess in my basement and kitchen. Let’s get some tools, and prepare for said mess. I wanted to take apart the kitchen the next day, so had to get anything out of the way that needed the kitchen intact.

I won’t be able to use this cart until the snow melts a bit, but it is in the way at home. Dragging the cart through the snow made me more than excited to use the thing–hopefully very soon.

But I was again parked only temporarily, so I quickly grabbed some tools, and checked on the roof.

I’d need the saw, the screw driver, and some screws. The rest could stay here. And so could the cart. It’ll wait for me here until the weather is more suitable for garden work.

I won’t know if the roof held tight until I take off the ceiling in here, a project I’ll talk about next time. For now, it looks like everything stayed intact.

No, I definitely didn’t slip on the way to the car and spread these screws all over the parking lot. Ahem.

I’d prepared some dough earlier that morning. It was way too wet, so I made a mess while preparing for the big mess.

I wanted to take apart the kitchen the next day, so had to get anything out of the way that needed the kitchen intact.

I sipped on some coffee while waiting for cheese to heat up. Pepper was not amused he couldn’t reach me. So, I finished my coffee on the ground, and gave Pepper some cuddles.

While I formed a plan, he wouldn’t leave my side. He’s forcing breaks on me all the time. He isn’t a service dog or anything but definitely takes care of me. Most of the time, I am very grateful for his care. That day, I wanted to get started making a mess.

My milk was almost at temperature. One thing almost checked off.

I sorted the shelf with “everything I don’t know where to put,” moved some to the pantry I don’t yet have, and gave my neighbors quite a bit of soy sauce. We don’t use it, so I’ve decided to accept that.

At some point, I dealt with the cheese. I had ignored quite a bit of milk in the fridge, so I’d made two batches.

This dough is way too wet, still, but it’ll work just fine for the bread. Usually, I don’t pour bread dough… Ahem. I had a lot of fun playing with the dough, though.

While the bread was in the oven, I finally, finally, got around to fixing my pants. They were sent in the wrong size, but they are perfect at home, so I’ve decided to sew them tighter. Recently, someone came by to explain my ancient sewing machine to me. Slowly, I’m getting it.

This is not how I’d do this if I’d ever wear them in public. This isn’t how this is done 😉 They’ll do just fine. And they are very comfortable, so I don’t care this isn’t how it’s done.

I had ignored the plants in my mini greenhouse during the snow storm, so they needed some attention. I’ll also be starting some seeds soon, so I needed soil and starters. I am very surprised this cheap DIY greenhouse still stands strong. I hope it’ll make it through another summer. We don’t feed the birds, but we make sure they have fresh (cold but unfrozen) water most of the time.

Back inside, it was time to turn the flowing mess of dough into pizzas. Well, then.

This is also not how you make pizza. Seriously, while the end result was great, this isn’t how it’s done. I don’t usually knead dough that’s already risen. I don’t usually add more flour later. But it worked. I’ve learned that a lot of things work just fine when you do them wrongly.

Usually, I also don’t have enough flour on the counter that I can bake muffins with what I scraped off. Honestly, though, I’ll take just about any excuse to bake some apple muffins, so I’m not complaining.

In the end, there was pizza dough (well, ish), and the cheese was hanging from my tripod to drain. I was hungry for some pizza with bell peppers, beans, and corn, so I dealt with the veggie prep.

Carrots are Pepper’s absolute favorite. Without getting them in the garden, he hasn’t had one in a while. This is his now.

I had gotten meat from the dairy that was about to expire, so I needed to make some goulash that day.

Goulash tastes best the next day, so we hadn’t planned to eat it that night. We wanted pizza! But the day was getting longer, and I was running out of steam. When the goulash was done, we ate half of it. The pizza dough was only partially baked, so it would last fine until the next day.

The meat was rescued, and we ate a filling meal. I call that a win. Though, I was really looking forward to the pizza. I used some of the whey in the meal and bottled the rest. It was snowing outside again when I walked Pepper that night. I am still not a fan of the snow.

The bread was unbelievably moist. Perfect with some eggs and home-fermented hot sauce the next day. But the star of the next day was the pizza we’d both been craving. And as I had prepared everything the day before, I could focus on turning my kitchen into a construction zone. I will tell you all about that soon.

For now, let’s finish this pizza. I used the cheese I’d made the day before. It’s getting better, too. In the middle of a construction site, the air fryer pizza turned out great.

So long, and thanks for being here.