Category: Foraging for Food

  • 085 Weeding the potato bed

    085 Weeding the potato bed

    The list of things to get done in the garden is growing faster than these weeds. Spring paid a visit, so I used the sunshine to make progress. First up: the potato bed. I could make an entire video about the things I still need to get done to prepare for growing food. That list…

  • 074 When plan change

    074 When plan change

    I don’t like it when plans change. While going for a spontaneous walk in the middle of making dinner felt good, other changing plans derailed me a bit. I was supposed to build a shelf, but instead got to remember how bad quality has become the norm. So, instead, I make some more food, and…

  • 058 A real break

    058 A real break

    With the year coming to a close, I finally get a real break. I went for a few nice walks with Pepper and my husband. We even found some mushrooms. But first, I need to check on the garden house roof repair. (Pepper and) I are just quickly here to check on the garden to…

  • 020 It’s not about finding mushrooms

    020 It’s not about finding mushrooms

    We live in an apartment surrounded by forest. When we moved here last year, mushroom season was at its very end. Now that the rain has slowed, we went on hikes through the wood in search of edible mushrooms. Except for a handful of ink caps and morel earlier this year, the weather has been…

  • 006 Learning to forage for food

    There is a lot out there in the forest that is safe to eat and delicious. Join me for the baby steps of foraging for food out there.