046 The trash needs to go

046 The trash needs to go

The trash needs to go. I can’t see it anymore. I don’t care that, technically, someone promised to deal with the trash. It doesn’t seem to be happening on any kind of timeline I can work with, so, I’ve filled the car with the first load of trash, and I’m now going to drive it off and just deal with it myself.

When I rented this land, I knew there was a lot of trash to deal with. The gardens are usually rented out empty and in decent shape. Not with this one. It had been neglected too long. They ignored the problem.

They didn’t even know how bad it was until I showed interest, and they had to show the land to hand it over. A few weeks later, they came by and offered help. Help that never came. I haven’t heard from them since. But it’s okay. As always, I’ll be fine.

I am sure there are reasons. I’m giving them all the benefits of doubts. But I can’t wait any longer. So, I’ll deal with it myself. Worst case, I’ve helped the local church deal with overwhelm. My car will definitely need a good cleaning after this mess. I have to drive the trash off sorted by material, so it’s a good thing I made these sorted piles.

I’m sweaty and gross but we are going to drive off a second round of trash. This time, we have all the roofing materials.

Each round takes about an hour, as I have to load the car, drive to the dump, unload the car, and drive back. But renting a van or trailer isn’t an option, so my trunk will have to do.

Good morning! It’s 10 am and also 10° C (50° F), so it is very cold. But I am intent on getting a few more rounds of trash driven off to the next town. So, Pepper is here. I am here, and we’re going to start by loading up the car for the third time.

Watching Pepper is a lot easier when I can keep the gate closed. So, half an eye is always on where he’s sniffing around. I still prefer him here, even if it can get a little annoying at times.

The larger pieces of material were also annoying, because they don’t fit in the trunk as is.

The wind was strong, but most of the trash is heavy, so it was just a temperature problem. I left the car door open for Pepper, so he can hide from the wind. I feel like I’ve touched every piece of trash at least a dozen times by now. But still, progress.

The grass where the trash pile was is yellowed and unhappy but it will recover. Well, there’s a new pile of trash there at this moment, but that will soon be gone, too. I hope.

For now, I was loading the final pieces of roofing material, so I would only have to pay for a trunkful. As it’s small amounts, they just eyeball it, so it’s best to fill the trunk.

With another round done, I was forced to break for their lunch break.

But two hours later, I was loading up the next round. Plastics and general waste this time. Remember the tarp I struggled with for an entire episode? I struggled with it a lot more, but it is finally gone.

The dump was closing for the day, so I decided to call it quits. Well, for now. I was back the next day to take apart wood.

So long, and thanks for being here.