041 I have a compost problem

041 I have a compost problem

I have a compost problem. Or rather, I have a lack of compost problem. A pile has been growing in a corner but it doesn’t even keep my dog out, so it’s time to come up with a better solution. Or, at the very least, a temporarily better one.

“Pepper, no! Come here!”
“Come here.”
“Yeah, I know you want to eat the compost.”
“Good boy!”

I have a compost problem that I’m trying to solve.

Well, I don’t have a compost. I have a lot of compost but right now I’m just throwing it all onto one heap.

This location here is not ideal. I know that something is going to happen over there that should be near the compost. And something is going to happen at the far end of the property that should be near the compost.

Instead of just going with it because that’s where it’s been, I’ve decided to move them somewhere else. That means I will at some point have to shovel fresh compost and kitchen scraps and stuff. But it’ll be fine. A better place is the more long-term solution. So, moving the compost.

The location I had chosen was where all the dead wood was “stacked.”

A few weeks ago, my husband found this door, then still intact. The next storm threw out the glass panes, but it might still be useful.

The winds have been strong.
“It’s so windy!”

In between, there are calm days full of projects. It had taken forever to clear the back of the land.

By the time, I got to create the compost, I was beyond exhausted. I knew it would be a temporary solution at best.

Looking back at the timelapse, I’m not surprised. Those were a lot of steps. All I needed for now was to keep the compost away from the hut wall. Well, and a new place to pile up the wood. I know I’ll have to move all of this wood again, at least once. But I have plans, and or now it’s in the way.

I dragged over the cover from the current compost pile as a back wall. This is its third job in the garden.

The ladder would have made it easier. I was too lazy to get it. But even without, I managed to fix the wall.

“Pepper, no!”
(in German) “You can’t get in here anymore.”

I wanted to make sure it would last the storms, so I added reinforcements. I’m reusing screws from the previous owner.

There is a pile of rotting wood planks. They’ll be good enough for this temporary solution. I’m researching and learning wattle fencing for the permanent solution. But for now, it’s something. A start. I’ll replace it soon. Back on the list it goes…

“It’s a start.”

Unaccomplished, I decided to “quickly” move another compost bin.

I am adopting a second plot right next to mine. These came with it. They haven’t been used in a while despite this plot being kept. Regenerative practices are new to the people here.

That night, the storms started again. One was the worst I’ve experienced.

“Pepper, come here.”
“I think, I’m just going to call it a day.”

Winds blow one way here. That storm blew the other. It blew the cover off the shed. Somehow, nothing else was damaged.

So long, and thanks for being here.