035 Let’s pile up some trash

035 Let’s pile up some trash

I’ve been cleaning up corners of my neglected land for months. But before long, the roof project took over, and I left the rest be. Now, it is time to tackle the trash before the owners of the land come to pick up the piles for me.

Let’s see if I can get all of the trash onto those trash piles before they get here. If I don’t, then I’ll have to drive it off myself, and I really, really don’t want to do that. So, naturally, I started by moving stuff out of the way, that wasn’t trash at all…

Pepper, as always, was doing his best to help. In this case, by trying to get to the tomatoes in my basket.

The round tub has been sitting in the rain for a few weeks. It’s all special waste. Now heavy, special waste. So, I moved it all to another tub and carried it off to the trash piles in smaller loads.

Slowly, the trash piles were growing, and the area in front of my house looking like, well, something. It dawned on me that I would not even get to any of the shoe-requiring parts that day, I freed my feet from the sandals, and kept at it.

A lot of the materials I have to get rid of around here are unfortunately also special waste. For example, the disgusting OSB boards that are now again all over my roof (but inside!) were all over this terrace. They are falling apart, disgusting, moldy, and special waste, so I have to pile it all up, so I don’t have to deal with it.

I hadn’t brought my headphones that day, so I fled inside to get away from the loud music on the soccer field. With the roof finally fixed, I could stop piling everything in the middle of the hut to cover with a tarp.

I could also finally take out everything that I’d just stuffed into random places. Or rather, I had to. I needed to dig out that sofa-bed thing. I was sick of having the green and black sand stuck to everything, so I quickly swept the house.

Okay, a lot of trash collected. The piles are getting bigger.

We’ve got special waste, all kinds of plastic and household trash, special waste, metals. That’s even some barbed wire. And then all the wood. I’ll be keeping anything that’s “actual” wood on my land, so anything I cut off the hazelnuts is gonna stay. But the pallet wood from the old terrace and stuff is all gonna go.

I know I’ll have to touch all of this stuff yet another time, because it’s again just stacked up. The main goal was to get the spider-laden, moldy monstrosity that took up half the cabin out of the space.

The previous owner disassembled part of the walls to build this thing. I can usually tell which of the previous two owners did something by the screws they used. The person before me really, really loved using star-bit screws. They are everywhere. And without sense or logic.

I’ve been seeing Nosferatu spiders around a few times. I only worry about them and Pepper. Luckily, I have no phobias I am currently aware of.

I really hope, the person I hand this land over to won’t have as much trouble with what I leave behind. Their construction sense seems to be that three screws are always better than one. I already can’t get past them using the ceiling material to build this…

I’ve got about a package of those screws out of taking this apart. I’ll put them to good use. They might be just what I need for a project soon.

And then I realized that I would not be able to finish that day without more screws. I’ll spare you the swearing at the realization 😉 As the other part is screwed to the wall, I’ll have to do that next time, and call it a day.

So long, and thanks for being here!