028 I need to make some progress

028 I need to make some progress

It’s time to make some progress. The start of the semester is approaching fast. I long decided that the garden isn’t allowed to add stress to my life. Still, some things need to get done. Other things just help to clear the head.

I don’t tend to set goals. Meeting deadlines is a game in frustration for someone chronically ill. Instead, I set directions, and take step after step.

Sometimes, deadlines can’t be avoided. The roof needs to get done before winter settles in. Every moment not spent working on the roof feels like wasting time, even when I really can’t work on the roof that day. There were days when I avoided the garden just to not have to see the roof unfinished.

The roof is making me nervous. I’ve missed deadlines for it. I had to accept help. It’s still not done. Getting some lavender plants from my new neighbors was much needed motivation. They make the construction site look less under construction. Don’t they?

I get frustrated when I can’t work on the roof. Yet, there is so much else to do. If I want to harvest walnuts this year, I need to clear the area underneath from trash hidden in the grass.

I’ve been feeding the walnut some mulch. Hopefully, she will like it.

The old porch swing has seen better days. I plan to reuse all the parts. You might see trash. I see trellises. Taking things apart is usually a full-body workout. The stand of the swing will stay for a while. How could I discard this toy? I was going to get a slackline. For now, this will do just fine.

A garden neighbor let me borrow her wheel barrow. Everyone, meet Pinkie. Pinkie has been a huge help. Pepper would like to make sure you know he’s been a lot of help, too.

The hazelnut trees have gone wild on this land, so I keep cutting branches. Most of my work is still picking up trash and carrying things around the garden. In between, I tackle nice tasks like setting up the first garden beds. Any bed I can start before winter will have time to grow some soil for me.

While I’m sure there are benefits of having plastic fabric under beds, I want my land to regenerate and roots to be able to get deep into the soil. I will only be here for a few years, but I want to hand it back in much better shape. I can’t wait to plant these beds.

Instead of plastic, I use old moving boxes from yet another neighbor. They break down and feed the soil. And all the trimmings from the bed go back on as soil food, as well. Growing soil will be a big job over winter. But at least, I don’t have a deadline to meet.

When the roof is done, everything will become calmer. I’ll do what needs doing, and enjoy every step.

So long, and thanks for being here.